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Saturday, September 14

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“An Exploratory Functional Analysis of Presidential Campaign Twitter Use” Rowe Atrium “Coordinating boundaries around personal information – A confirmatory factor analysis of the communication privacy management measure in online social networks” Rowe Atrium “Exploring emergent research ethics and attitudes towards privacy on PatientsLikeMe.com” Rowe Atrium “How individuals use the power of social media against companies?” Rowe Atrium “It’s hot in here: Twitter as data source of understanding perceptions of heat and drought hazards” Rowe Atrium “Memories in Action: Social Network Sites as Emergent Biographical Archives”” Rowe Atrium “Modeling Influencers in social network” Rowe Atrium “Persuading through organizational storytelling: A case study” Rowe Atrium “Phenomenology to capture essence of social media world” Rowe Atrium “Playing local: An exploratory study of the marketing practices of independent Edmonton musicians in the digital age” Rowe Atrium “Rethinking Digital Democracy” Rowe Atrium “Sooner or later?: The diffusion and adoption of social media metrics to measure scholarly productivity in LIS faculty” Rowe Atrium “The importance of social media in the work-related serendipitous digital environment” Rowe Atrium “The Influence of Social Media on E-Commerce Sites” Rowe Atrium “The Northern Gateway Pipeline Debate: Mapping Media Frames, Risk Perceptions, and Voting Preferences in a Risk Society” Rowe Atrium “The visible and invisible in iconic experience: Rethinking the Marionian iconicity through Stephen Antonako’s sacred spaces” Rowe Atrium “To tweet or not to tweet: The legal implications of social media in a global world” Rowe Atrium “Analyzing spatial, social, and semantic dimensions of user interactions with collections on Flickr” Rowe Atrium

9:00pm EDT

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